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Fact-checking Huckabee: There he goes again, ripping a program he endorsed



Mike Huckabee's
imploding presidential campaign continues to edge toward clown car status.

Right Wing Watch reports:

At a church in Iowa, Huckabee was asked if he was familiar with International Baccalaureate school curriculum, a sort of advanced placement approach.

The questioner explained to Huckabee that IB programs “[take] away American history and [put] in world history.” Huckabee responded by asserting that parents in Iowa need to “rise up and scream bloody murder” in opposition to these programs and that he “can’t imagine” a program like that, which the questioner emphasized is subsidized by the state.

How soon the Huckster forgets.

As governor of Arkansas, Huckabee signed a law sanctioning International Baccalaureate programs in Arkansas high schools, placing them on the same level as Advanced Placement courses and providing subsidies for schools that offer IB courses.

Huck could use some history schooling. The headline yesterday was about how he filled a make-money-quick-book spinning off the Jonesboro school shootings with bogus quotes attributed to historical figures.

The IB program is available, according to an IB Midwest website, at Bentonville and Springdale high schools and Mount St. Mary Academy in Little Rock. State rules allow reimbursement for IB tests as they do for AP tests. A mom informs me North Little Rock High is still in the IB program too.


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