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Digging resumes on Main Street; new lighting going in



It seems like only yesterday (Sept. 14 to be precise) that Mayor Mark Stodola joyously pronounced open the "Creative Corridor" along Main Street, with new environmentally sensitive landscaping and other work. Now, the orange barrels are back.

Workers were busy Wednesday morning digging up new landscaping sidewalks in front of the city parking deck between 2nd and Third Streets. What's up, I asked. They said the sidewalks had to be dug up to install new lights. I'm hearing from others that this is a project to make lights in that block match lights in the 100 block and the work won't be replicated on up the street to the 600 block, where the improvement work ends. I so far haven't been able to reach anyone at City Hall about the details of the new job.

UPDATE: It took a day, but I finally heard back from the city, which said $80,000 was being spent to dig up portions of the sidewalk on both the east and west sides of this block of Main to install new street lights (not landscape elements, the spokesman said.) Somebody, I don't yet know who, asked that lights in the 200 block match those in the 100 block after a part of the project had been completed. The grand opening announcement related to a separate grant project for environmentally sensitive landscaping to the south and was scheduled before completion of work on that stretch because the date was most convenient for all involved. 

UPDATE II: Mayor Mar Stodola ordered the work to dig up completed sidewalk to install new lights.

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