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Democrat Victoria Leigh announces for NLR House seat


Thanks to Blue Hog Report for the news release announcing the candidacy of lawyer Victoria Leigh, a Democrat, for state House District 38 in North Little Rock. It will be an open seat, because Tea Partyer Donnie Copeland, who currently holds the seat, after knocking off Democrat Patti Julian, plans  to challenge Sen. Jane English, another Republican. (It may not be a challenge. English may not seek re-election, I'm hearing.) Carlton Wing is a Republican candidate for District 38. UPDATE: Sen. English said she absolutely is seeking re-election.

Leigh's news release indicates she's a candidate both qualified and progressive, as Julian was. Wrote Blue Hog's Matt Campbell:

Leigh, a graduate of Mount Saint Mary in Little Rock, is a lawyer who practices primarily in the areas of family law and consumer defense. She has an extensive background in helping low-income families with real-estate and debt-collection issues and has volunteered with the Arkansas Disability Rights Center as well. Based on that resume, it would be an understatement to say that Leigh is not a DINO or Republican Lite, unlike so many other recent Democratic candidates for various races.

He notes, too, her reference to scandals involving Republican legislators. Her release, with some emphasis supplied:

Citing the need to address real issues that concern Arkansans, Victoria Leigh, a small business owner of a family and consumer defense law practice, announced her candidacy for the Arkansas House of Representatives – District 38.

“As a mother, a businesswoman, and a resident of North Little Rock, I believe we should be focusing on creating an Arkansas that our children want to live in.” Leigh continued, “As an attorney, I bring a unique understanding of the law and the impact of the bills that are created in the legislature.”

Victoria Leigh has long been an advocate, serving and working in the low-income community assisting with real estate and family issues. While in law school, she served on the Anderson City Fair Housing Coalition and the Human Rights Commission of Indiana. Leigh has volunteered hundreds of hours for the legal community doing pro-bono work defending homeowners dealing with debt collectors and fraudulent judicial and non-judicial home foreclosures.

Victoria has also volunteered with the Disability Rights Center of Arkansas, which serves the more than half a million Arkansans with physical, mental, and developmental disabilities by serving on the Protection and Advocacy Advisory Council.

Victoria’s community involvement includes more than fifteen years with the Girls Scouts where she got her first taste of politics earning her Gold Award with her year-long project to register voters in low-income areas. In addition, from 2012 to 2014, she served as Communications Chair for the Arkansas Chapter of the American Association of University Women.

“The Arkansas House of Representatives needs members who respect its integral position in state government. Our representatives should be held and should hold themselves to a higher standard.

Representatives should not be mired in controversies—controversies that shift the focus from serving Arkansas to defending inexcusable actions like giving away adopted children or taking strategic and political guidance from pedophiles or pushing through legislation that promotes companies in which legislators hold stock.” Leigh stated “I am asking the people of the 38th District to elect me to represent the best of Arkansas, the kindness, generosity, and caring for each other that makes Arkansas the great state that it is.”

Victoria, her husband Joey, and their daughter make their home in North Little Rock.

Inexcusable actions? The Rep. Justin Harris "rehoming" scandal is well-known,. Her reference to self-dealing could mean several things, but I've written recently about Sen. Jason Rapert's involvement in a security device company that benefited from Republican legislation to change the state fire code to permit use of the devices. Then there's Republican Josh Duggar, a mover in political circles as a top gun for the Family Research Council until news of his molestation of young girls in his home became publicly known.

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