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Another modest idea for local legislators


HOW TO: Springdale newspaper explains new ordinance to ban exposure of sides and lower portions of women's breasts. - SCREEN SHOT
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  • HOW TO: Springdale newspaper explains new ordinance to ban exposure of sides and lower portions of women's breasts.

Springfield, Mo.
, apparently has passed an ordinance banning any exposure of the sides or undersides of bare female breasts and any portion of buttocks, male or female. However, and this has feminists hopping mad, the measure was amended to delete a provision forbidding "the showing of covered male genitals in a discernibly turgid state."

As a snarky article here puts it: 

In response to a Free the Nipple rally, Springfield, MO, has banned displays of underboob, sideboob, and all areas of the butt—but erections are no longer considered indecent. Young feminists are fighting back.

No more hot pants, the article speculates.

Somebody call Bro. Rapert., Bart Hester and them.

PS — This is not a joke. Here's the actual ordinance, an offense against morals.

The vote was 5-4. Opponents vowed a lawsuit.

Grace Sparapani wrote on Broadly:

How will people go swimming? Where do we stand on whaletails? If I can't wear anything that shows my carefully placed under- and sideboob stick-and-poke tattoos when I next visit my parents, will they finally forgive me for getting said stick and pokes?

Some council members though it a waste of time, but the majority apparently felt something had to be done after the Free the Nipple topless demonstration in a city park. Though, as a First Amendment expression of opinion, such demonstrations likely would still be legal.

"Springfield is a conservative community and has high social and moral ideals. What happened to caring about your fellow citizen while making your personal statement? Does it matter that the exhibition of nudity on the public square is offensive to a large majority of the families trying to enjoy downtown?" said councilman Craig Fishel.

The local newspaper produced a video to demonstrate how to obey the ordinance (using a male and a mannequin.) Good clips from debate, too.

Somebody better act fast before a bunch of women shuck their T-shirts and march on the Capitol. Or a man decides it's time for a full moon display.

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