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Hillary Clinton comes to Little Rock today


Hillary Clinton will be in Little Rock today — for a public appearance this afternoon at Philander Smith College and then for a private fund-raising event tonight.

News on her Democratic presidential candidacy remains mixed after an onslaught of manufactured Republican/New York Times scandal-mongering reminiscent of nothing so much as Ken Starr's Great Whitewater Snipe Hunt.

The New York Times emphasizes the negative this morning, with polling showing a negative favorability rating in New York, which she once represented as a senator. This is among all voters, not Democratic voters.

CNN polling, on another hand, shows her with a growing lead over Bernie Sanders. (Surprising isn't it? A scan of headlines and evening cable talk might lead you to believe Sanders' strength in nearly meaningless Iowa and New Hampshire was a sign of Clinton's implosion in the Democratic primary race.) Ask President Tsongas about the value of a primary win in New Hampshire.

PS — Fixate on HIllary Clinton's personal e-mail and use of a private server if you will. But you might also want to look at the Bush administration policies on gathering of e-mail data from U.S. citizens. New disclosures today on the surveillance program.

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