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Medicaid mess remains unresolved


John Lyon recounts at the Arkansas News Bureau the story of a woman eligible for Medicaid coverage who's been trying since June to get her eligibility restored. It would appear she submitted proof of income in time — back when the state was illegally demanding a 10-day response — but the state couldn't handle the mail. The backlog is reportedly gone now, but this one recipient is still without coverage.

Some 60,000 people lost coverage in the income-checking process. How many were wrongly tossed through no fault of their own is anybody's guess. How many will be able to penetrate the maze or simply give up is also anybody's guess.

Some legislators have been circulating a story that all is well on the income checking, that only the undeserving are being affected and, plus, there's an appeal period to reinstate coverage. They'd do well to read the Lyon article.

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