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Dumas cop charged in drug conspiracy


U.S. Attorney Chris Thyer's office has announced the arrest of Dumas police officer, James Ivory Edgerson, 37, in a drug conspiracy.

Also arrested were Kendrick Lamar Edgerson, 43, of Little Rock; Gregory Lamont Charles, 41, of Little Rock; Steven Sherrod Miles, 42, of Dumas; Rodney Lariel  Edgerson, 36, of Little Rock; and Eli Haynes III, 40, of Arlington, Texas.  Defendants are being held pending bond hearings and the cases will be given to a federal Grand Jury.

During the arrests and related searches, agents seized 28 ounces of powder cocaine, an ounce of crack cocaine, a pound of marijuana, five firearms including a suppressor, and $222,000 in cash.

Thyer's office said Edgerson, a patrol officer for 14 years, had made drug delivers between May and September to confidential sources. His phone was tapped during the investigation. He was arrested with three ounces of powder cocaine and an ounce of crack cocaine. Firearms, an unregistered suppressor and $16,000 was found in his home.

The federal complaint says agents intercepted a call between James and Kendrick Edgerson talking about drug trafficking. Kendrick participated in delivery of nine ounces of cocaine on Aug. 31 and the fled police during a traffic stop.  Also according to the complaint, on multiple occasions, Edgerson met with Gregory Lamont Charles directly before and after cocaine deliveries. A search of his house Thursday turned up 25 ounches of cocaine and $206,000 in cash.

Edgerson allegedly provided Steven Sherrod Miles with drugs to sell and Miles split the profit. Agents located one pound of marijuana at Miles’ home.

The complaint said Edgerson purchased nine ounces of methamphetamine from Eli Haynes III in Arlington, Texas, then sold it in Arkansas. He also allegedly purchased five to six pounds of marijuana from Rodney Edgerson. Rodney and Kendrick Edgerson are brothers and cousins of the police officer.

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