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Slain cop's widow: Mike Huckabee unfit to be president


HUCKABEE AND KIM DAVIS: Where are tears for slain police, widow asks Huckabee. - FOX NEWS SCREEN SHOT
  • Fox News screen shot
  • HUCKABEE AND KIM DAVIS: Where are tears for slain police, widow asks Huckabee.
Kim Renninger, widow of a police officer in Washington state slain by an Arkansas parolee whose early release from prison was helped by Gov. Mike Huckabee, isn't  impressed by presidential candidate Huckabee's media stunt yesterday with Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk jailed for refusing to allow same-sex couples their constitutional right to obtain marriage licenses.

Renninger said her family and those of three others killed never heard a word from Mike Huckabee. Yet, she says, he can "fawn" over Kim Davis' for a few days in jail.

Renninger has written an op-ed about Huckabee's crocodile tears this week, distributed by Fred Karger, a long-time Republican political operator who set up a super PAC to oppose Huckabee. Renninger has been pressing her criticism of Huckabee for months.

Her article:

Mike Huckabee is Unfit to be President

By Kim Renninger

Like many Americans, I have been watching the story unfold in Kentucky where County Clerk, Kim Davis was jailed for defying a Federal Judge’s order and not performing the duties of her office. One of the very first people to leap to her defense a week ago was presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

The former Arkansas Governor rearranged his schedule to go visit Mrs. Davis in Kentucky on Tuesday and speak at a rally he organized in front of the jail just as she was being released. Mike Huckabee and Kim Davis clasped raised hands on the stage in solidarity and cried together. He praised her courage and heroism and hugged her. It was quite a spectacle.

Governor Huckabee has spent the last seven days trying to lend comfort to the “persecuted” clerk. He has even offered to go to jail in her place. His campaign web site is full of indignation about her arrest and he even started a Free Kim Davis petition addressed to President Obama.

Mike Huckabee Let My Husband’s Killer out of Prison

My experience with Mike Huckabee following our family’s life shattering tragedy was quite different. Almost six years ago a man walked into a coffee shop in suburban Seattle and in less than a minute murdered four Lakewood, Washington police officers. The love of my life, my husband Sergeant Mark Renninger was one of those four fallen officers. All four were brutally killed by a parolee from Arkansas who was released from prison early by then Governor Mike Huckabee.

The murderer, Maurice Clemmons had his 108-year prison sentence cut down to only 11 years, when Governor Huckabee granted him executive clemency and set him free. This violent prisoner who had accumulated “29 disciplinaries and zero achievements” during his 11 years behind bars should never have been let out of prison.

My life, my young son’s life and the three other families of the fallen officers were forever changed that day. Nine children lost a parent because of Mike Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee Showed No Remorse

In the many interviews after the killings, Governor Huckabee never took any responsibility for the murders. He shifted the blame to others and even said that if he was faced with the same decision, to release Maurice Clemmons from prison then, that he would do it again.

We never heard a word from Governor Huckabee, but we did get notes and calls from many other governors and high ranking officials. The closest Mike Huckabee ever came to remorse was this comment in a radio interview, "It's not something I'm happy about at this particular moment."

Well, Governor Huckabee I am not particularly happy at this particular moment to see you fawn over Kim Davis for breaking the law and never, ever showing one ounce of compassion about the worst mass killing of police officers by a lone assailant in this country’s history.

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