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Huck aide boxes out Cruz at Kim Davis revival meeting



Funny. Mike Huckabee turned the jail release of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis into an old-fashioned revival meeting, with prayer, hymns, a little unauthorized use of pop music and some nifty footwork by Huckabee aides in keeping Sen. Ted Cruz out of the limelight. The MSNBC headline and photo pretty well says it all.

As best I could tell, Huckabee at least didn't retell his fractured history about how Abraham Lincoln had "disregarded" the Dred Scott decision that upheld slavery. What Lincoln actually said about Dred Scott is interesting in the current context, in which Huckabee declares we are all free to follow on only those court decisions that are "right." Speaking of his debate opponent, Lincoln said:

He denounces all who question the correctness of that decision, as offering violent resistance to it. But who resists it? Who has, in spite of the decision, declared Dred Scott free, and resisted the authority of his master over him?

Judicial decisions have two uses-first, to absolutely determine the case decided, and secondly, to indicate to the public how other similar cases will be decided when they arise. For the latter use, they are called “precedents” and “authorities.”

We believe, as much as Judge Douglas, (perhaps more) in obedience to, and respect for the judicial department of government. We think its decisions on Constitutional questions, when fully settled, should control, not only the particular cases decided, but the general policy of the country, subject to be disturbed only by amendments of the Constitution as provided in that instrument itself. More than this would be revolution. But we think the Dred Scott decision is erroneous. We know the court that made it, has often over-ruled its own decisions, and we shall do what we can to have it to over-rule this. We offer no resistance to it.

Yes. the world today could use more Honest Abes and fewer Dishonest Mikes.

ALSO: Much sport is being made of the Huckster and Kimster, including here.

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