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Hillary is sorry, but ....



Hillary Clinton
went on ABC yesterday to say she had made a mistake and was sorry for setting up a private server to handle e-mail as secretary of state.

A full page of New York Times print acreage is devoted to the scalp the Times has long wanted since turning this into the Whitewater of 2016, with similarly shoddy agenda-based work.

The admission of mistake built Bill Clinton's road to redemption after his loss of a gubernatorial race against Frank White. Hillary Clinton is no Bill Clinton in retail political skills and the media pack is nearly in unified howl against someone most of the press pack just doesn't like. Many questions, but despite unceasing scrutiny for months, few solid answers are available and they seem unlikely to be (which is better for her opponents — suspicion is enough.)

Did Clinton violate law or rule by having a private email server?

Did she knowingly send or receive classified information?

Incidentally, have others done he same on email handling?

Have U.S. interests been compromised by Clinton's e-mail practices?

Is this a manufactured snipe hunt?

Facts rarely matter any more in a world driven by partisan tribalism and personality politics.

Has Clinton been damaged? That's an easy one to answer. Yes. The press will be demanding still that she admit this.

The Republican campaign to destroy her will be realized if they can drive Clinton out of the race and Joe Biden into the nomination. Then wait and see how quickly lovable Joe turns into a meme himself — a gaffe-prone bloviator too old and untrustworthy to be president. The all-out assault on Hillary is a measure of the threat she poses to the Republican Party, particularly if one of the offbeat candidates wins the nomination.

But yeah, she made a mistake. And, yeah, she revealed again in a choked-up moment that her detractors will surely deride that even Hillary has feelings.

PS — A change of leadership at the D.C. bureau might indicate that the Times intends to change its weird coverage of Hillary Clinton. But don't hold your breath.

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