Young Republicans table same-sex marriage resolution. Jason Rapert flames, as usual. | Arkansas Blog

Young Republicans table same-sex marriage resolution. Jason Rapert flames, as usual.



Fox 16 reports
that the Arkansas Federation of Young Republicans tabled a resolution Saturday meant to encourage the state Republican Party to remove opposition to same-sex marriage from the state party platform.

Earlier, some members of the group had said younger Republicans were less opposed to same-sex marriage and thought discussion of the issue would be good for the party.

Some (most apparently) disagreed.

The group's new president, Sarah Dry, said the issue should not be discussed.

Dry said they were supposed to vote on the resolution, taking it steps further, but decided to table the issue.

"It's something that I think needs to be discussed; a conversation that's had. It doesn't mean we're against it, one way or another. I think the language we have now is a bit discriminatory. I would like to see us be more to ideas and things to maybe change the language, if not remove it, " said Dry.

The group's decision drew cheers on Twitter from such hard-right opponents of same-sex marriage as Rep. Jim Dotson of Bentonville and, naturally, Sen. Jason Rapert of Conway. You can see from the Twitter post above that only one acceptable viewpoint on this (and many other issues) exists in the Republican Party — Rapert's.

I am happy to note that a conservative Republican of my acquaintance — Elizabeth Aymond who has worked in Arkansas and now Texas for the Kochs' Americans for Prosperity political organization — has a slightly less constricted view of the world than Bro. Rapert. That slightly kinder view will eventually prevail, polls say, as younger Republican succeed the dinosaurs. But Arkansas will be at the end of the trend.

By the way: Given the statement below, Isn't it about time for Bro. Rapert to call for the ex-communication of the Cheney family from the Republican Party?


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