Arkansas company peddling white supremacist flags brags that profits are growing | Arkansas Blog

Arkansas company peddling white supremacist flags brags that profits are growing


An Arkansas company today announced that they recent events have "sparked increased sales" for one of their products: sells the particular battle flag for a treasonous army which waged war against the United States of America in order to preserve the slavery of certain human beings. 

The flag later became a popular symbol of terrorists who threatened and sometimes killed human beings because they were black. The preferred method of these terrorists was to string the human beings up by a rope and hang them to death. 

Later still, the flag became a symbol for the political arm of these terrorists, who did not always use actual violence (though they sometimes did) but waged a guerrilla campaign against both black people and the United States of America to make sure that the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution were denied to black people. 

The owners of, based in Little Rock at 800 W. Ninth Street, are very excited that they are profiting off of the sale of said flag, they stated in a press release today: 

"The day WalMart and Amazon discontinued the sale of confederate flags, my internet business exploded with orders from all across the country,” AFB owner Kerry McCoy said.

WalMart discontinued the sale of Confederate flag merchandise on June 23, 2015 and was soon followed by Amazon, Sears, eBay and other online retailers. This action prompted major flag manufacturing companies such as Annin Flags to discontinued the distribution of Confederate products. This left smaller retailers scrambling to fill consumer demands.

To date, Arkansas' has seen a 50% increase in sales in June and July and a 63% increase in new customers. This increase in business has resulted in the creation of two new job positions within the company, which is a 10% job creation growth to a 22 person small business.

White supremacy has long been a profitable business. McCoy is just carrying on tradition. 

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