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Huckmentum approaches zero


WTH: Americans yawn at stale shtick.
  • WTH: Americans yawn at stale shtick.
Mike Huckabee whined about transgender people serving their country in the military at last weekend's debate. He said that he could protect Social Security benefits by taxing pimps and prostitutes. Or something like that — like other Americans who follow politics, I almost immediately forgot what Huck said. Honestly I forgot he was even there. 

Huckabee has run right into a bummer. He is running for president to get more attention, enhance his brand, and cash in. But there's this other guy who has, uh, trumped him on that front. 

Here's the latest polling this week: 

Rasmussen national poll: Huckabee 3 percent (down from 7). 
Suffolk Iowa poll: Huckabee 2 percent. 

Boston Herald New Hampshire poll: Huckabee 3 percent (down from 7)

Survey Monkey/NBC national poll: Huckabee 5 percent. 

This is what it looks like when a campaign is fixing to bite the dust. We're getting into what's-his-name territory. Jim Gilmore with jokes. 

They ain't buying what the Huckster's shilling. 

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