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John Goodson: Still an Arkie


The political community has been buzzing since an Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article Friday that said lawyer John Goodson, a member of the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees and husband of Supreme Court Justice Courtney Goodson, was opening a Washington, D.C. lobbying office.

The article said Goodson intended to commute often to Little Rock, where the Texarkana native owns a home. 

I sent an e-mail inquiring whether he intended to remain a member of the University of Arkansas Board of Trusteees. He replied, "I hope to continue my trustee work." He said he would not be "moving" to D.C. He also said that rules would require that he dislcose lobby clients, unlike in a law practice, where he may keep clients confidential.

More will be developed in the days to come as his firm takes shape. His work in class action, patent and securities work, plus his significant contributions to political candidates and parties and his wife's reported plans to seek the seat of chief justice on the Supreme Court all put him in the public eye.

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