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Little Rock City Board: Sewer rates and yard parking


The weekly Little Rock City Board agenda is out and it contains no surprises. The Board is expected to vote on — and approve — a round of sewer rate increases that will produce a 30 percent rate increase for a typical residential customer in a series of 4.75 percent annual increases between 2017 and 2021. It's a continuation of efforts to comply with an agreement to reduce sewer overflows.

Also set for discussion, without elaboration in the agenda packet, is yard parking. In theory, it is prohibited by 2010 ordinance with fines up to $1,000. The city has, on occasion, promised to crack down on the practice.  Anybody ever see such a thing? Have a photo?

UPDATE: I found out a bit more about a proposal for a new improvement district downtown on Center Street, to be controlled by a board consisting of Barbara Yates, James Freeman and Amanda Judd — all part of the ownership association for Pyramid Place, the office building at the corner of Second and Center. The ordinance doesn't specify what improvements would be financed by an assessment on property owners in the district, but it appears to be primarily the Pyramid building. I hear, though, that additional parking for the building might be part of the plan. Could be some controversy attached. Downtown parking is always contentious. The ordinance gets a public hearing Tuesday.

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