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State representative and lawyer brands Planned Parenthood 'criminals'


Check out state Rep. Bob Ballinger's inflammatory tweets on the subject of Planned Parenthood.

He seems to brand all employees of Planned Parenthood as "criminals" on the basis of selected quotes from one or two people who work in other states and engage in what — so far as is known — are legal activities. To date, only edited quotes — and no hard evidence — have been presented by an organization that misrepresented its business that people in the videos did anything other than talk about legal transportation payment for legal donations of fetal tissue and organs.

To call someone a criminal in a published forum is libel if not true. Ballinger claims to be a lawyer. I've asked him specifically if he means to say all PP employees in Arkansas are criminals. It appears so. He hasn't responded.

Abortion is legal, including even Arkansas. Cancer screenings are legal. STD tests are legal. Prenatal care are legal. This is what Planned Parenthood of Arkansas does. And they are "criminals"?

Ballinger wants to force Planned Parenthood out of business because it performs legal abortions, which offend his religion. HE is the guy who said Arkansas needed a religious freedom protection act. He meant only HIS religion, not yours, however.


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