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A mother's account of a school's zero-tolerance drug policy. Fair?


A Sunday excursion into Arkansas blogland:

Diane Hampo of Hot Springs sent me a link to her blog post about the no-tolerance drug policy in her 10-year-old son's elementary school.

A friend give her son a leaf of something she said was marijuana. He threw it on the ground. Soon after, he and others were suspended and then recommended for expulsion for "drug possession." Yes, he'd admitted holding, however briefly, a substance a classmate had told him was marijuana.

(Spoiler alert: The dope turned out to be something like Bermuda grass.)

Hampo writes in detail about the episode and her conclusion that "zero tolerance" policies in schools are a train wreck.

A Zero Tolerance system is thoughtless and lazy, like spanking a child instead of thinking of a creative punishment that’s truly effective. All crimes and all kids are not the same. And that’s not how we should raise our children or what we should be teaching them. Period. The schools and decision makers thought they were doing a good thing but it’s bad and short sighted. Good behavious is not rewarded and bad behaviour is all the same.

By the way, after all was said and done, the pot was tested. It wasn’t actually pot. It was something like Bermuda grass. And all tthe kids, the ones who sold it, the ones who gave it to her friends and the ones who threw it on the ground are all back in school, having received the EXACT same punishment.

What do you think.

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