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A quiet Sunday in Dixie: Marriage equality reaches the D-G


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Seems like a quiet day except for 150 or so neo-Confederates waving flags in Conway,  Russellville, Harrison, Searcy and other places. Just to display their pride in Southern heritage, they say. And what precisely does that heritage include? Besides the Lost Cause, of course? A dialogue is promised. Will it include high poverty, low literacy, high teen pregnancy, high divorce rates, resistance for more than a century to equal rights for people of color, reverence for the battle flag of a war fought to preserve slavery? Pride at leaving a Union that still ships a disproportionate amount of federal collections back to Dixie?

Here's the open line. PLUS:

* MARRIAGE EQUALITY COMES TO THE ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE: The state's largest newspaper quietly answered in this morning's society section a question I'd posed following the legalization of same-sex marriage in Arkansas. Yes, it will run marriage announcements for same-sex couples. Today's weddings included the routine announcement of a courthouse wedding of two Sherwood women — Sommer Green and Reagan Winkles —  the day the U.S. Supreme Court ruling was announced June 26. Just one of thousands across the country. Arkansas is still standing, though Bro. Rapert looks a little worse for the wear.

A Facebook photo shows the marriage of Sommer Green-Winkles and Reagan Winkles by Randy Eddy-McCain.


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