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The Declaration of Independence open line



A city of Little Rock photo of Bill Worthen, director of the Historic Arkansas Museum, reading the Declaration of Independence at the museum today seems a good way to kick off the open line. U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton made his announcement with a photo in full battle gear from his days in war service. I mean no disrespect that perhaps others should  send out a Twitter with quill pen, Underwood upright or Radio Shack portable or a mobile phone with video camera. The First Amendment — along with ideas and speech genehrally — I'm still convinced are every bit is powerful — often moreso — than terrorists or armies.

For Independence Day entertainment:

* THINGS THOMAS JEFFERSON DID NOT SAY: But are often misattributed to him.

* FACT-CHECKING THE FOUNDING FATHERS: Politifacts replays some occasions where people play loose with history for political purposes.

* FREEDOM OF RELIGION: On this day when an Arkansas senator has written about his belief that a single church denomination (one whose historical roots were nobly supportive of keeping church and state apart) should be guiding state public policy, it's probably a good time to go to the Virginia Historical Society for its backgrounder on Declaration of Independence writer Thomas Jefferson and the 1986 Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.

Class dismissed. Fried chicken anyone? That's our choice. Watermelon? Fireworks? Careful on the last. I was almost blinded by one in 1967 and have never gotten close to them again.

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