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A fiery open line; plus, the ignorance of the Rebel flag wavers



Wandering reporter Leslie Peacock nabbed the fire photo in the 2600 block of Kavanaugh earlier today. It was in  a building whose tenants include a ground floor real estate office.

Otherwise, take this as a holiday open line.

I also ound this amusing:

* HATE OR HERITAGE:  Vox reports on a survey of white Georgians during the debate over removing the Confederate battle flag from the state flag.  Remember it when people tell you display of the flag is about honoring history and culture, nothing more.

The survey asked three questions about the Civil War — identifying Union general William Tecumseh Sherman, who famously burned his way through the state, and naming any two Civil War battles. A third of people who got all three questions right supported keeping the Confederate battle flag on the Georgia flag. Three quarters of those who got none of them right did. (This wasn't just because less-educated Georgians were more likely to support the Confederate flag, either; the researchers controlled for education level and income, and there was still a correlation between liking the Confederate flag more and knowing less about the war.)

From Addicting Info, more on that survey and many other telltale markers of what the flag signifies to many who wave it (see the Rebel parades by neo-Confederates in Arkansas this weekend)

* ESCAPEE CAPTURED: KARK is reporting that Jason Satterfield, a convicted forger who left a work-release job  in Pine Bluff in a stolen truck with some stolen money Thursday, has been picked up in North Little Rock without incident by State Police.

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