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Senate Republicans join the demagoguery line



The Senate Republicans join yesterday's release by House Republicans to stir a panic over nothing. I guess they presume Arkansas remains well behind the rest of the country where something near 60 percent of voters consistently tell pollsters now that they support same-sex marriage.

Note on the latest news release: 1) The U.S. Supreme Court made clear that the ruling for marriage could not be enforced on churches. 2) the 2015 legislature passed two pieces of legislation meant to protect legal discrimination against gay people. One, constitutionally dubious, prohibits local civil rights ordinances. The other promises a religious pretext to all who need it to justify discrimination against gay people. Another bill on the point would be redundant, unless it perhaps included stoning or burning at the stake penalties for people who support gay rights. 3) It can pass all the statutes it wants to nominally protect public officials who claim a religious exception from performing publicly financed tasks that are deemed a constitutional right, such as getting married. Such a law, if enforced, would be a violation of somebody else's rights and a loser in court. But this legislature doesn't mind wasting money by passing unconstitutional legislation.

Welcome to Oklabama, where the Ghosts of Faubus control the Arkansas Capitol.

This has been going around the Internet. Seems apt.


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