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Randolph County clerk indicates she'll take orders from God on same-sex marriage


  • RHONDA BLEVINS: 'No story.'
Scattered resistance continues on the part of some elected officials who, despite on oath of office requiring obedience to the U.S. Constitution, are indicating they won't perform same-sex marriages.

The latest is Randolph County Clerk Rhonda Blevins, who, after several days of dodging, now says she's waiting on word from Above to decide whether she'd issue a license should a same-sex couple seek one.

As I mentioned yesterday, Little Rock attorney Jack Wagoner has announced on Facebook that he's prepared to provide free legal assistance to anyone denied the right to obtain a marriage license under terms of Friday's U.S. Supreme Court ruling. Anybody in Randolph County want to challenge Clerk Blevins? I'll be happy to provide contact information.

Friday, Blevins told KARK that the office wasn't able to issue same-sex licenses. Clerks have been changing software and forms to allow for same-sex couples. Tuesday, the clerk said the office was capable of issuing licenses. Wednesday, she told the Associated Press she was unsure of what she would do.

Then, Thursday, when KARK's Marci Manley called to clarify:

"Well, both are right. We're capable of issuing the licenses, and we haven't had anyone inquire about a license. I haven't decided what I will do."

When I asked what she meant by that she said, "God will direct me on what I will do. He'll guide me on if it's okay to issue the license or not okay to issue the license."

Rhonda Blevins added, "I'm waiting on confirmation from God, but I'm also waiting on confirmation from others, as well."

She would not elaborate on who the "others" she was waiting on was [The governor, the attorney general and the Association of Arkansas Counties have all advised clerks to comply with the law]. When asked what she would do if God directed her that she should not issue the license, she wouldn't answer the question of whether she would resign, delegate the job to someone else or how she would proceed.

Her final statement to me on the issue was, "There is no story here."

I dissent. An elected official undecided on whether to obey the U.S. Supreme Court is a story, whether it's Orval Faubus, George Wallace or Rhonda Blevins. Simple, Ms. Blevins: Do your job or resign.

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