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'81 things Mike Huckabee has denounced'


HAIL TO THE GRIEF: A Washington Post writer compiles a lengthy list of things Mike Huckabee doesn't like.
  • HAIL TO THE GRIEF: A Washington Post writer compiles a lengthy list of things Mike Huckabee doesn't like.

This is fun. And I hope a sign that Mike Huckabee's act has finally begun to wear thin with national media too  ready in the past to spoon up his corpone shtick while ignoring a core mean spirit, duplicity and graspiness.

It's from David Farenthold of the Washington Post and it's a whopper of a list of 81 things Mike Huckabee has denounced over the years in his eternal reach for a punchline to feed the Google search machine.

It starts with a youthful Mike Huckabee's warnings about the evils of dancing in 1973 and carries us through denunciations of Miley Cyrus twerking and, naturally, same-sex marriage.

Also a couple of cute ones:

14.) People who are constantly taking offense. “Being offended is a full-time job for many. It’s a tedious task, for it requires enormous amounts of imagination and creativity, [and] relentless pursuit of an audience willing to swallow the notion of the offense.” (2015)


17.) This list, which is an annotated catalog of things and people that Huckabee has over the last four decades decried as unwise, unhealthy, un-conservative, un-Biblical or un-American. It runs to 81 items. Which is not all of them. But it's enough to show the risk of a life spent passing moral judgments for political gain. “Governor is hard at work on the campaign trail today, talking to the people of Iowa about issues that are important to them...If you have a question about that, please let me know.” (2015, from a spokeswoman for Huckabee’s 2016 presidential campaign spokeswoman, describing why Huckabee would not talk about the list.)

Also on the list is Huckabee's distaste for "crude, sexual innuendo," right before a listing of things Huckabee has denounced by using crude sexual innuendo. Yes, Mr. Farenthold has acquired an understanding of the Huckster.

It's a memory trip, too. I'd forgotten when he denounced the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra for serving champagne at intermission.

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