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Justice Rhonda Wood seems perturbed about something



Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Rhonda Wood doesn't allow me to follow her Twitter account through my Arkansas Blog account, but the ways around such roadblocks are many in the social media world and I'm happy to repeat a post by her today.

Is it a response to my article Sunday about the obstructionism in which she played a part in the unconscionable Supreme Court delay in deciding the same-sex marriage appeal? As I've written, sources say the case wound up undecided by the court, though a majority, including Wood, reportedly was prepared to overturn Judge Chris Piazza had the U.S. Supreme Court not overturned all state bans.

Or maybe Wood isn't happy that reader comment about that matter ranged into some who brought up Wood's reliance on huge campaign contributions from nursing home magnate Michael Morton to power her election campaign; her ties to hometown political contribution bagman Gilbert Baker, and the continuing federal probe of activities by Baker, Morton and Baker's old friend and former judicial colleague, Mike Maggio. Maggio is awaiting sentencing for confessing to taking campaign money in return for a favorable ruling in a nursing home case. I do not suggest Wood has any culpability in the Baker-Morton-Maggio mess. But no doubt you sometimes itch from associating with flea-bitten hounds.

But if her unhappiness relates to multiple reliable reports on the Supreme Court handling of the marriage case, there is a very simple solution: Open the record of votes and draft opinions resulting from deliberations on the case over more than eight months after the case was "expedited" but never decided.

PS — Social media comment of this sort strikes me as a bit injudicious, perhaps even an indication of a lack of impartiality should the object of the comment ever be involved in litigation before the court. You'd think her friend Mike's troubles with social media might have provided some valuable instruction.

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