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Democrats cheer marriage ruling, Arkansas chair aims at dissenters


President Obama, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and an assortment of Democratic congressional leaders have been among those applauding the Supreme Court's marriage ruling. Criticism has been nearly uniform from the Republican side.

But Arkansas Democratic Party Chair Vincent Insalaco acknowledges not all Democrats are on board with marriage equality. He nonetheless joins the cheers.

Today the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of Marriage Equality. Those of us in the Democratic Party who support this vital issue realize the importance of this decision. Individual liberty is a core value of the Democratic Party.

To those in our party who disagree with this decision, I want to take a second to make sure we all understand what this ruling does. This ruling does not mandate what religious groups must do. It mandates what government must do. That is to respect the rights of every single American. That government does not have the authority to discriminate against anyone who marries.

Today is a milestone for same sex couples and we celebrate with them. But it is also crucial to recognize that the job is not finished. LGBT Arkansans can still be fired from their jobs for whom they are.

Today, we have just as much religious freedom today as yesterday. But today all people are more free under the law. We should all celebrate that.

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