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The Huckster faces legal trouble over robo-calls



As a few commenters have noted, Mike Huckabee continues to get unflattering national media attention this week. The latest: a U.S. appeals court this week revived a 2012 lawsuit alleging that the Huckster, among others, made illegal robo calls to promote the cornball Christian film "Last Ounce of Courage." 

The Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, in a 3-0 vote, overturned a lower court judge who had dismissed the suit. The $5 million class action lawsuit claims that a group promoting the film violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and Missouri's "do not call" law. Calls were made to 34 million numbers, and involved a message from Huckabee. 

The film appears to be a livestream of Jason Rapert's dreams. The premise is that a guy becomes mayor and instills Christian values and then a black guy form Washington D.C. tries to stop him with some phony baloney "separation of church and state" talk. I may be violating the "do not gall" list, but I really must insist that y'all summon up your last ounce of courage and watch the preview above. The Huckster is a Con Man, but his real gift: the Corn Man. 

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