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Mike Huckabee meets media, save banned Ark. Times, defends self, Milligan


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Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas politician who lives in income-tax-free Florida, held a news conference in Little Rock today to which local media, save the Arkansas Times, was invited. Who knew we were so mighty ?

Anyway, Tweets are rolling in from the favored attendees.

He says only the media cares about his insensitive and juvenile riff on Porky's in which he compared the difficult issue of transitioning Caitlyn Jenner to his own voyeuristic streak. Never mind the outpouring of criticism on social media and dozens of websites from hundreds of readers.

He defended Arkansas Treasurer Dennis Milligan, for whom he was an honorary camapign official and who's been in nothing but controversy since he took office. (And before, if you account his misdeeds in Saline County and attempting to extort Duncan Baird out of the GOP primary.)

He says he'd love to have the Duggars campaign with him.

Huck's in Arkansas hoping to raise money from the yokels he left behind for sunny Florida. He was in Jonesboro this morning, Little Rock this afternoon, El Dorado tomorrow and Friday in Texarkana. His do in Little Rock may be this evening at the Little Rock Marriott, where he met reporters. If you go, you probably shouldn't say you're with the Arkansas Times. World Net Daily, maybe.

But his events are only open to "credentialed" media. That's the process by which Alice Stewart keeps out those on the blacklist.
What might I have asked Huckabee today? Oh maybe about his sorry record on voting rights. Hillary Clinton apparently is going to advance her support for a continuating of voting rights protection in a speech tomorrow. Huckabee? What does he have to show? (And remember, he says HE is the man to beat the Clinton machine.)

Notes Correct the Record, which supports Clinton's candidacy:

Mike Huckabee supported voter ID laws that would make voting more difficult. “The former Arkansas governor told the crowd at an Americans for Prosperity conference last month that sometimes he thinks the United States has less freedom than North Korea. ‘When I go to the airport, I have to get in the surrender position. People put hands all over me. And I have to provide photo ID in a couple of different forms and prove that I really am not going to terrorize the airplane. But if I want to go vote, I don’t need a thing.’” [Washington Post, 5/12/14]

Mike Huckabee suggested supporters of an anti-union law deflate the tires of voters on the other side of the issue on Election Day. “Former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has some advice for people who support the anti-union law passed in Ohio that faces a statewide repeal vote on November 8: Find out who’s voting to repeal the bill and block them from ballot box. The onetime Arkansas governor suggested deflating tires and giving these voters the wrong election date. ‘That’s up to you, how you creatively get the job done,’ Huckabee quipped.” [Mother Jones, 10/17/11]

How did they miss the Banana Republic remark, a label Huckabee put on the state because some black churches in the Delta (including in his former hometown of Pine Bluff) had the temerity to organize rides to the polls for weekend early voting. That kind of thing can be hazardous to a Republican politician's political health.

PS: I know Huckabee doesn't read our trashy throwaway tabloid or the digital version. So I'm sure his continued blackballing of the Times is just a continuationg of a pattern dating back to gubernatorial days and nothing to do with this week's cover story by Leslie Newell Peacock on the Bipolar Mike Huckabee.

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