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An early open line and video — Boys State update



I'm off for my annual visit with Boys State, marking its 75th anniversary this year. I expect the customary ovation from a room full of like-minded liberals (joking).

But here's a line to noodle with in the meanwhile. We'll be back after a while, including with the daily video roundup.

UPDATE: I had another robust conversation with the Boys State delegation today. If anything, I think my reception was milder than some years past.

Votes on two same-sex marriage questions by the group through electronic polling were virtually a statistical dead heat. For a group that has a strong conservative bent, judging by questions, that's encouraging. 

I particularly appreciate meeting Amanda, a UCA student who got wind of my appearance, heard the talkt and waited until after post-talk questions were over to thank me for what I'd said and what the Times says often on the web, in print and elsewhere about sexual and gender issues. 

ALSO: It's not surprising at this point, but in a batch of gubernatorial appointments today was that of Joe Lewis of Blytheville to a vacancy on the Mississippi County Quorum Court. Sen. David Burnett had somebody else, a known Democrat, Jo Ann Henton, in mind when Hutchinson dickered successfully with him to allow the anti-gay so-called religious freedom bill out of a Senate committee where Democrats had bottled it up. That set off a hubbub that ended with Hutchinson being inaccurately portrayed as a great compromiser for backing an only slightly less odious bill aimed at preserving legal discrimination against gay people under a religious pretext. By then, any hopes of a Democratic appointment to the Quorum Court (if indeed there ever was one) had been blown to smithereens by the attention.

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