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Huckabee defends the Duggars



  • Josh Duggar via People magazine
Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee isn't wavering in support of the Duggar family after news of Josh Duggar's admitted molestation of young girls years ago and the failure of his father to take the matter to authorities.

The Daily Beast reports. It's based on this post on Mike Huckabee's Facebook page.

Janet and I want to affirm our support for the Duggar family. Josh’s actions when he was an underage teen are as he described them himself, 'inexcusable,' but that doesn’t mean 'unforgivable.' He and his family dealt with it and were honest and open about it with the victims and the authorities. No purpose whatsoever is served by those who are now trying to discredit Josh or his family by sensationalizing the story. Good people make mistakes and do regrettable and even disgusting things. The reason that the law protects disclosure of many actions on the part of a minor is that the society has traditionally understood something that today’s blood-thirsty media does not understand—that being a minor means that one's judgement is not mature. No one needs to defend Josh’s actions as a teenager, but the fact that he confessed his sins to those he harmed, sought help, and has gone forward to live a responsible and circumspect life as an adult is testament to his family’s authenticity and humility. Those who have enjoyed revealing this long ago sins in order to discredit the Duggar family have actually revealed their own insensitive bloodthirst, for there was no consideration of the fact that the victims wanted this to be left in the past and ultimately a judge had the information on file destroyed—not to protect Josh, but the innocent victims. Janet and I love Jim Bob and Michelle and their entire family. They are no more perfect a family than any family, but their Christian witness is not marred in our eyes because following Christ is not a declaration of our perfection, but of HIS perfection. It is precisely because we are all sinners that we need His grace and His forgiveness. We have been blessed to receive God’s love and we would do no less than to extend our love and support for our friends. In fact, it is such times as this, when real friends show up and stand up. Today, Janet and I want to show up and stand up for our friends. Let others run from them. We will run to them with our support.

People magazine, long-time Duggar promoter, did at least include this today in item about the Huckster:

Back in January, Huckabee questioned the Obamas' style of parenting while praising the Duggars, telling PEOPLE: "I've pointed them out as an example of something that's wholesome and wonderful."

Blue Hog Report's Matt Campbell,
who's giving some thought to challenging Judge Stacey Zimmerman's strange and indefensible order of destruction of an official police record of the Duggar investigation, does some worthwhile math on evidence that the molestation case might be even creepier than a 14-year-old pawing another 14-year-old:

The police report, dated 12/7/06 says that he touched the girls "about 3.5 years ago." Taken at face value, that puts it in June of 2003. There are also references to March 2002 for some of the actions as well.

The court order from yesterday says that the victim who requested destruction of the police report is still a minor. To be a minor on May 21, 2015, the absolute latest she could have been born is May 22, 1997.

Which means, of course, that at least one of the girls was no older than six when this occurred, and could have been much younger.

Duggar is getting hammered on his Facebook page, where he posted family's response. Sample:

So, wait. Being gay is a sin, abortion is a sin, touching and kissing before marriage is a sin, but molesting your sisters is a totally forgivable offense. Riiiiiiiggggghhhhhttttttt. 

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