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Expense account alert: Watch Denny Altes



Reasons that Gov. Asa Hutchinson shouldn't have given the job of drug czar to former state Rep. Denny Altes are abundant — racist comments, a lackluster legislative record verging on bizarre, attempting to exert improper influence on the courts.

Add this: A bit of evidence that he has expensive tastes, not necessarily a good thing for somebody with a state expense account. (See: Mark Darr.)

A reader alerts me to a copy of a lobbyist expense report for March 2013, when Altes was still a member of the legislature. Kimberly Randle of Houston, then lobbying for Clean Line Energy Partners, reports that she took Altes out for a meal March 9, 2013. Cost: $390.75.

That's a lot of french fries and who knows how many glasses of iced tea.

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