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Late Tuesday open line


FIRST LADY: A long, long time ago. - BUZZFEED
  • FIRST LADY: A long, long time ago.

Today's video won't be up for awhile longer. In the meantime, here's a gem unearthed by BuzzFeed: A 1979 interview with Hillary Rodham — she wouldn't begin using her husband's last name until sometime in the '80s — filmed soon after Bill first took the governorship. It aired on an Arkansas TV program called In Focus.

Said Hillary, when asked about the first couple's youth:

As I’ve said before I think that each person should be assessed and judged on that person’s own merits. And I’m not forty, but that will be cured by age eventually I will be. We don’t have any children yet. We’re hoping to have children, so I hope that will be cured in a number of years also. That doesn’t bother me, and I hope that it doesn’t bother very many people. That in a way it’s kind of a tribute to the state that someone who may or may not fit an image is accepted on her own terms. I came to Arkansas of my own free will, I was not born here, and I fell in love with the state and decided to stay, and Bill and I were married.

If only we could hire the 32-year-old Hillary to film our daily news headlines at the 2015 Times, all would be right with the world.

UPDATE: Here's today's video. 


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