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Tom Cotton versus everyone: Cotton casts lone vote against Iran deal


LONE COTTON: Let's not make a deal.
  • LONE COTTON: Let's not make a deal.
What do you get when you cross the rigid obstinacy and extremism of Sen. Ted Cruz with the inexhaustible zeal for warmongering of former Vice President Dick Cheney

Thomas B. Cotton!

The bipartisan bill to give more Congressional oversight over a nuclear deal with Iran sailed through the Senate, 98-1, with Cotton casting the sole vote against the bill. Cotton wanted several amendments added, but his heavy-handed tactics failed miserably — his attempt to use a procedural maneuver to force a vote on amendments backfired and led to the bill moving forward without alterations. The miscue angered fellow GOPs who had hoped to make substantive changes to toughen the bill or at least create a series of politically difficult votes for Democrats on poison-pill amendments. 

Of course, making poor tactical choices that accomplish nothing and anger GOP leadership is itself a political tactic. If Cotton wants to be Cruz 2.0, HE IS WINNING. 

And just like Cruz, Cotton has wacko acolytes in the House. The Tea Partiers in the other chamber are vowing to take up Cotton's fight with a series of poison pill amendments that would lead to a presidential veto. It's almost like Cotton and co. want to ruin the possibility of any Congressional oversight on an Iran deal negotiated by the Obama administration. Or, more simply, results don't matter. Ideological purity does. Cotton's not a statesman, after all, he's a True Conservative. 

Or maybe I should say performance artist. Cotton also recently told CNN that ISIS is winning.

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