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Why the lawyer licensing link doesn't work: Update


Arkansas Blog follower radical centrist commented on our earlier post about the Supreme Court that the website operated by the administrative office of the courts no longer provides information about licensing status of state lawyers. The website says you must call the Clerk of the Court's office for the information. 

Stephanie Harris, communications council for the court, explains that the iMIS software program that links information from the internal database to the public database was providing incorrect information. "So the clerk's office decided to take it down until it was fixed," Harris said. She does not know when it will be fixed, but said the office is "working with the company and trying to make it work the way it’s supposed to." 

Until then, call 682-6849 to see if your lawyer's license is still good. Radical Centrist reminded readers of the election year news that several judges — including every Arkansas Supreme Court justice — had had their law licenses temporarily suspended for failure to pay their bar fees on time.

UPDATE: I've gotten email suggesting that the fact that more than 900 lawyers are late paying their bar fees, which the Supreme Court announced in a per curiam order yesterday (which I received today), is related to the website problem. Harris says there is no relation. The court issued the order based on a new, provisional rule to the Rules Governing Admission to the Bar that allows automatic suspension from the bar after three pre-suspension notices to lawyers that they are in arrears.

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