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Suggs folds, unapologetically, for witch hunt against Jefferson teachers


The developing parent outcry over Little Rock Superintendent Dexter Suggs' ham-handed effort to punish some teachers he didn't like at Jefferson Elementary has forced him to back off, but unapologetically.

Teresa Gordon is a media specialist whose summer enrichment courses in computer use were among a handful of outside-hours programs targeted by Suggs for alleged violation of school procedures. The problem — all along — was that such small extra programs are typical all over the district, there is no specific policy pertaining to them and Gordon and the others had explicit principal approval to use the building after hours (a good, community-building practice in the first place.)

Today, Suggs sent a memo to Gordon

In short: What? Me apologize? Not going to happen.

"This is unacceptable," Gordon said. She said the teachers deserve, at the least, an apology for a witch hunt underway since the first of the year.

Suggs included a 2000 policy pertaining to handling of cash on school grounds by "school employees." It is clearly not a rule intended for the sorts of programs in which Gordon participated and in which she was not acting as a school employee. Participants signed a waiver to that effect, in fact.

Here's the full document.

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