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Poll data: Leave my school alone, but screw the rest of them


To no surprise, I read some Talk Business/Hendrix College/Impact Management polling data on education.

Education is on the wrong track, a majority believes.

But WAIT. Not their local school districts. They're great.

It's just like Congress. People hate Congress, like their own representative. (They had the good judgment to elect them, didn't they?)

It was the same with term limits. People wanted them except for their guy/gal.

This is cold comfort to those of us who live in the Little Rock School District. Many of us are quite ready to agree that improvement is needed — in some schools more than others. But many also think a state takeover isn't the way to go — an opinion buttressed by recent events.

From Talk Business:

The results indicate that Arkansans have greater trust in their public schools than in public education in general – an attitude reflected in their answers to a question about who should have primary control over curricula.

In the survey, 56% said it should be the local school district, 29% said it should be the state government, and 9% said it should be the federal government. Asked what one thing would improve Arkansas’ schools, the word “teachers” was a part of more responses than any other.

You can bet those numbers would have been reversed had the sample been asked if takeover of the Little Rock School District by the state was a good idea. And whether firing all those nasty union teachers in Little Rock is a good thing.

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