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Asa Hutchinson's softball session condensed


Shorter version of Asa Hutchinson's press conference:

* He did great with the legislature.

* He can't quit Obamacare. He'll come up with something — some form of punishment of poor people, most likely — to keep the money rolling under a new brand. His budget depends on it.

* Gay discrimination? It's the law in Arkansas. Get over it.

* Government establishment of religion? For it, whether 10 Commandments on the Capitol or passage of the law intended to give special dispensation to people in Arkansas who worship the right flavor of God. Everybody else? Get over it.

* Capital punishment? He didn't, but he could have quoted Frank White — he's going to kill somebody as soon as he can get them out of the courts. And the state's past solemn court agreements are null and void.

* Rich people can expect more tax cuts. Poor folks? Get born with a silver spoon next time.

But he seems so nice when he says all this.

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