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Huckabee goes all in against Islam with a rattlesnake metaphor



Mike Huckabee, desperately trying to get a foothold in the 2016 presidential race, has apparently decided Islamic fear-mongering is the ticket. Says the Huckster in a new video:

 “When you’re dealing with Islamic jihad, that has as its goal the annihilation of everyone who does not agree with their absolute religious fanaticism, you’re dealing with a rattlesnake…As a kid growing up in south Arkansas, one thing I learned about rattlesnakes, you don’t try to get in their head and figure out why they want to bite you. You don’t try to have a conversation with them. You don’t negotiate with them. You sure as heck don’t feed them. You take their heads off with a four ten shotgun or a hoe before they bite you—because the one thing that you can be sure of is that snake will bite you if he can.”

Is anybody running as the soft-on-terrorism candidate? No, but the Muslim who currently occupies the White House, though not on the ballot in 2016, is the gift that keeps on giving to Republican politicians. With a break now and then to whip up on gay people.

The Huck is talking almost as tough as Tall Talkin' Tom Cotton.

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