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Little Rock School District releases positions targeted for elimination


I got a belated response this morning to my Freedom of Information Act request for the jobs that Interim Little Rock School Superintendent Dexter Suggs proposes to cut as part of budget reductions.

Suggs proposes to cut 64 administrative jobs. He also proposes to reduce pay of four elementary principals from 12 to 11-month contracts and to reduce pay of seven middle school and the Hamilton Learning Academy co-ordinator from 12 to 11.5-month contracts.

I don't yet have the specific pay amounts involved, but he'd said earlier he hoped to produced $3.5 million in savings. (My request for this produced an e-mail with links to listings on-line.)

Here's the list of positions to be cut or reduced.

The list includes Deputy Superintendent Marvin Burton, Associate Superintendent Dennis Glasgow, Associate Superintendent Sadie Mitchell, Associate Superintendent Daniel Whitehorn.

I'm checking, too, a report that there might be some changes in existing positions. That is, while the jobs will remain, some changes in personnel may be in the offing for next year and notice to that effect has gone out. This would include some principals.

UPDATE: Former School Board member Jim Ross comments on the list released today. He notes many had been discussed by the board — and others that are not on this list. He said the board would have pushed the administration to go deeper. He notes, too, as I meant to say, that the cut of a position doesn't mean there isn't a job elsewhere for some of those listed.

I find it interesting that the Summary of position changes that you posted was addressed to the so called dysfunctional board. We had discussed many of these cuts (and many more they did not do) and would have forced the admin to dig deeper. This list does not mean these folks are gone. It simply means the positions are gone. I suggest you keep your eye on this. Many of the old time admin will be back.

He also provided a list of potential options for budget cuts distributed today — relying heavily on making teachers pay more of their health insurance and losing planning time. He said they fall heavily on the backs of teachers and staff who support special education.

 At the moment we should be incentivizing teachers to go to work with our distressed kids, this admin wants to cut the benefits of teachers. The board was beginning to engage the budget when we were removed. We are going to have to cut more deeply into admin. We must require the bloated admin to take at least a 10 percent reduction in wages. We are going to have to close all non-school buildings and get all personnel we need from those buildings down to the buildings. There are many other options that do not hurt our kids or our teachers. 
  Here's the list of budget options Suggs presented.
FOOTNOTE: A district parent tells me that the list was released to me before all those on the list had been notified, though clearly some had gotten word by the weekend. State management hasn't yet proved sounder than leadership previously.

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