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Your public officials at work open line



Here's an Easter open line. For fun, check out some images of the advertising specialties new state Treasurer Dennis Milligan has stocked up on to promote his brand.

I Tweeted the coins and commented "Shades of Bill McCuen." The former secretary of state, who went to prison for misdeeds as secretary of state, was notorious for stocking up on go-cups, refrigerator magnets, caps, palm cards, bumper stickers and similar stuff and otherwise plastering his name on most inanimate objects at the Capitol. There's a certain harmonic convergence in Krispy Kreme Konspirator Milligan following the same path.

A Milligan staffer objected mildly, noting that treasurer coinage went back to the days of Jimmie Lou Fisher. Perhaps so. Does that make it less tacky?

I think there's more to come on the treasurer's doings — Intraoffice friction for sure; back-scratching in state business. (Yes, Democrats did it, too.) Stay tuned.

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