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Trickle-down fails in Kansas; schools to close early


Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's big tax cutting plan was supposed to pour unprecedented prosperity down on Kansas.

Instead, it did about what you'd expect. The drop in state tax revenue forced reductions in state spending, particularly damaging to education. Continued budget cutting by Brownback has now forced some school districts to close early this year.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson didn't go as far as Brownback with his tax cutting this year. But taxes have been cut, dramatically for the super wealthy with significant capital gains income. One-time money has been used to shore up this year's spending plan and, so far, economic activity isn't registering a sharp upward movement. Should Hutchinson's Republican colleagues succeed in scuttling Obamacare (or he not come up with a plan to call it something else but still keep the additional millions flowing to Arkansas  in 2017), some difficult decisions might lie ahead.

Of course, Arkansas should be getting a deluge of investment from major companies that have taken approving notice that  this is a Christian state unafraid of holding gay people in second-class citizen status. Employment, housing and public accommodation discrimination against LGBTQ people remain legal in Arkansas. That should be a powerful lure to creative businesses and the tech industry. Right?

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