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Tom Cotton: More poor reviews for crack about gay legislation


Sen. Tom Cotton's attempt to turn a question about anti-gay legislation in Arkansas into another comment on the evil Iran — they hang gays in Iran, he said, urging critics of the law to get some "perspective" — continues to draw fire.

Andrew Rosenthal, writes on the editorial page editor's blog at the New York Times:

I’m starting to long for the good old days, just weeks ago, when nobody had to think about Senator Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas.

Mr. Cotton, you will remember, was the primary author of the constitutionally outrageous and substantively mindless letter from Republican senators telling the leaders of Iran that they shouldn’t negotiate on nuclear weapons with President Obama. Now, he is adding his voice to those who are telling gay Americans that they shouldn’t get too pushy about their civil rights.

Salon headlines this critical piece by Simon Maloy:

Tom Cotton’s Iran humiliation: How the talking points robot short-circuited on gay rights

And of course there was Miley Cyrus, whose tweets urging call-in protests to Cotton gummed up the office phone lines.

Cotton would consider all these badges of honor, of course.

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