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They may take our lives, but they will never take our Cabernet



Arkansas is not going to have a trade war with California after all. As we reported last weekRep. Dan Douglas was super bummed that California is this year initiating rules that requires all eggs sold in the state to come from hens that are able to extend their wings and turn around freely (based on a popular ballot initiative approved by 60 percent of California voters some years back). Since some Arkansas poultry farmers prefer more cramped lodging accommodations for their flock, Douglas decided those stinking hippies were thumbing their noses at the Natural State. So Douglas hatched (I'll be here all night) a scheme to get back at those Californians by refusing to allow their tree-hugging wine into the state. Also, the state would build a wall around its western and eastern border to keep out any hippies and interlopers. Just kidding. 

It's not worth belaboring all of the legal, economic, and gastronomic reasons that this would be a breathlessly stupid idea. Indeed, Douglas himself thought it wouldn't pass. But LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THIS IS THE ARKANSAS LEGISLATURE. The measure sailed through the House 57-19.

Today, Douglas told the AP that he was pulling the bill. He said that it had already delivered its anti-regulation message to California lawmakers. Indeed, sources tell us that several Californians came across the bill in news items on social media and laughed, sipped some wine, and laughed some more. Message in a bottle, delivered.

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