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Judicial candidate admonished for ads claiming judicial experience


The state Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission has sent a letter of admonishment to Jeanette Robertson of Jonesboro, an unsuccessful candidate for circuit judge last year, for TV ads that showed her in a judicial robe and spoke of her judicial experience.

In 2012, the Commission had said Robertson shouldn't have called herself a judge when she ran for a Court of Appeals seat. She had never been elected or appointed to a judgeship, but had been designated by other judges as a special magistrate to hear small claims. She agreed to stop the practice.

In 2014, TV ads showed her wearing a judicial robe and sitting behind a bench discussing "judicial experience." The commercials specifically said she'd been a special district court judge or magistrate. But the letter said the robe and the words and language of the ads could be "misconstrued" by the public to equate to being a judge. The letter also noted her website referred to her experience as a judge, but she said her campaign committee had done that and she wasn't aware it was the same material used in 2012 until Judicial Discipline pointed it out to her.

This is the full finding on the case.

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