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House passes bill to ban rehoming of adopted children


The House this morning voted 88-0 for Rep. David Meeks' HB 1676 to prohibit rehoming of adopted children. He put it succinctly. It would keep people from "giving away" adopted children.

The bill grew from our report that Rep. Justin Harris had given away two children adopted from the state to a man he would soon dismiss as a teacher at his state-financed pre-school, Growing God's Kingdom. The man subequently molested one of the children and is now serving a prison sentence. Harris has said the girls, aged 3 and 5, had been too hard to handle. Harris voted for the bill.

The bill makes such actions in the future an unclassified felony. The bill allows for a change in custody with court approval and also protects people facing difficult adoptions if children are placed with a child welfare agency or family members.

Also passed without dissent was HB 1648 by Rep. Greg Leding to ensure post-adoption services for families that need assistance.

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