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So would IKEA do business in Arkansas?


BBC reports that IKEA, the big Swedish retailer, is closing a website in Russia for fears it could run afoul of Russian anti-gay laws.

I'm thinking not to look for IKEA to view Arkansas as a new market any time soon.

Ikea said: "When we do business, we observe the legislation of the countries where we work, therefore to avoid violations, we have taken the decision to stop publishing the magazine in Russia."

It said the magazine - which is published in 25 countries - "shows different aspects of people's lives at home, regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality and religion".

"The magazine reflects the values ​​of the Ikea company, including equal rights and opportunities for all."

Though the Arkansas legislature is pushing several measures to allow legal discrimination against gay people, it hasn't adopted fines, as Russia has, for people providing information about homosexuality to people under 18 (though dissemination of such information through health and sex education courses is discouraged in many, if not most, Arkansas public schools). 

There I go again. Giving the legislature ideas.

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