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Strange bedfellows: Lobbyist edition


GUN CONTROL ADVOCATE: Lobbyist Laurie Lee.
  • GUN CONTROL ADVOCATE: Lobbyist Laurie Lee.
I mentioned yesterday that Laurie Lee, once famous by another name as a book banner in Fayetteville schools and now a lobbyist, has long worked on the Walton family and allied doles in various political consulting and lobbying capacities. This year, she's been in the thick of the lobbying claque working on the so-called "choice" agenda — charter school legislation, for example.

That makes her popular among the Walton-dominated right-wing Republicans who now control the legislature.

But how about this?  She's also a registered lobbyist, through her firm Trace Strategies, for the Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund.

This is a group that works for sensible gun laws, founded by billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Gun control crazies, in other words. That kind of association can give you political cooties out at the Capitol. Remember how Bullet Bob Ballinger said support for a bill by Rita Sklar of the ACLU was just about certain death among Republican legislators? You'd think a person working to limit the 2nd Amendment would be just about as unpopular.

I'll say this, if Lee is having much success on the anti-gun agenda this session, it isn't much in evidence.

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