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After Monday, legislators need some drinks. They can get them at no charge today.



Whew. The last-day filing of legislative claptrap was so huge and awful Monday everybody should be grabbing for some liquid painkiller. Legislators need not pay, of course, despite the Amendment 94 ban on freebies for lawmakers.

Here's where the lawmakers can get free food and drink today under the guise of "planned activities."

LUNCH: 11:30-1 p.m., AEA Building, Citizens First Congress. The grassroots lobby is one of the few out there that represent working stiffs. They don't pass much, in other words.

LUNCH: 11-1:30, Capitol Square Apartments, #13, Arkansas Health Care Association. The nursing home lobby DOES pass a lot of bills. And sometimes influences judges with rich campaign contributions.

LUNCH: 11-1 p.m., Capitol Hill Building, Arkansas Department of Rural Services and Arkansas Rural Development Commission. This is a publicly funded operation.

COCKTAILS ETC.: 5-7 p.m., Next Level Events. Walmart. Need I say more?

STANDING COCKTAIL TWO HOURS: 5-7 p.m., Capitol Square Apt. #4, "Choo Choo Room." This the free bar run by lobbyists for:

Arkansas Automobile Dealers Association
Arkansas Hospital Association
Arkansas Medical Society
Arkansas Pharmacists Association
Arkansas Podiatric Medical Association
Arkansas State Dental Association
Independent Insurance Agents of Arkansas
Pfizer, Inc.
Arkansas Community Colleges

DINNER: 6 p.m., Riverfront Steak House, for the House Revenue and Taxation Committee by AT&T. 

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