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North Little Rock cancels coach's termination hearing; could be rescheduled


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The North Little Rock School District has announced that Brad Bolding's hearing tomorrow  for appeal of his termination has been canceled and will be rescheduled. The announcement suggests the step was necessary for the district to include additional information gathered about Bolding should the hearing go forward.

The district announcement:

 North Little Rock School District Superintendent Kelly Rodgers issued a statement regarding the recommendation of termination of Brad Bolding, head football coach for the District. Tomorrow’s scheduled School Board hearing is canceled and will be rescheduled if Bolding requests it.

“Our legal counsel has advised us to reissue a termination recommendation for Brad Bolding so that all findings gathered during the course of the investigation may be presented to the District School Board at the hearing,” Rodgers said.

Under the state’s Teacher Fair Dismissal Act, evidence or documents not included in a termination recommendation cannot be used in a hearing. Because of this, the North Little Rock School District has decided to reissue a recommendation from the original Jan. 30 letter in order to present all evidence gathered during the course of the entire investigation at the hearing Rodgers said.

The School Board hearing will be held at a later date if requested by Bolding. If a hearing is requested, a date and time will be set that is agreeable to both parties. Bolding and his legal counsel have 30 days to request a hearing.

The hearing, with limited seating capacity, was also to be broadcast on closed-circuit TV to a remote site at Lakewood school.

The district has moved to fire Bolding in part for failing to follow procedures on football equipment purchases. He also upset school officials with a Facebook post about the level of support the district gives the football program. He has insisted he's done no wrong and pointed to a personality conflict with the district athletic director.

Bolding's attorney, David Couch, said his client "absolutely" would request another hearing.


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