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An open line; dissection of Sen. Jason Rapert, and strange murder case witness



Here's an open line. And, in time, perhaps today's video. Meanwhile:

* SEN. JASON "NUKE 'EM" RAPERT: We've had sport already with Sen. Jason Rapert's emergence from the Gilbert Baker Memorial Legislative Bunker to advocate use of nuclear weapons on ISIS. His bomb-riding blast drew national attention, which naturally led Rapert to blame his troubles on liberal bloggers, not his own big and misinformed mouth. He tried to cover today on Facebook, with more misinformation and some selective cleaning up of his own words to make them look less objectionable. He only managed to make more mistakes. He needs some legal instruction, too. He accused the Arkansas Blog and others of libeling him. All we did was republish direct quotes from the Bloviator of Bigelow.

Blue Hog takes him to school over it and then some.


UPDATE: I have a rough quality copy of remarks Rapert made on the Senate floor Wednesday explaining himself. He doesn't advocate violence or conventional nuclear weapons, he said. Social media types misquoted him. Those ISIS guys are terrible. Etc. Poor, pitiful Jason, in other words.

* WITNESSING: Mara Leveritt reports on her Facebook page that she's turned up on the witness list for the retrial of former Death Row inmate Tim Howard for Little Rock slayings. She has nothing to contribute to the case that hasn't appeared in the Arkansas Times. She suspects Prosecutor Bryan Chesshir is attempting to keep her reporting out of the courtroom. We'll be contesting that. This case has been riddled with questions about prosecutorial actions for years. And still.

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