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Feel-good story of the day; a car for James Robertson



Detroit newspaper writes story
about factory worker James Robertson who walks 21 miles a day through the snow to get to and from a factory job paying $10.55 an hour. Story just about makes you cry at his work ethic.

Then you read an update. People who read the story have contributed $140,000 on-line to buy him the car he couldn't afford.

It'll be a Ford, he figures. Something solid. American.

Cry a little more.

To bring his situation home to the Arkansas level. Robertson would barely qualify for a tax cut — less than $10 — under Gov. Asa Hutchinson's middle class income tax cut if he made the same wage in Arkansas. The theory in leaving out the 40 percent of the lowest-income Arkansas workers seems to be that these taxpayers, below $21,000, get plenty of benefits already.

The benefits for such lucky ducks, at least in Detroit, doesn't include sufficient public transportation to get to and from work.

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